Site Rules and Guidelines

Before posting be sure to read the site rules and guidelines.

Site Rules and Guidelines

Postby waretrop » Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:59 am

Usage Rules

The rules below cover all activity on the site forum posts, comments and private messages. They are in place to ensure that all members have a very enjoyable and informative experience on Pennsylvania Avicultural Society. The rules marked in RED are more important to follow. Members who consistently break rules will receive two official warnings followed by a banning. Official warnings may be revoked for good behavior. Please respect our rules. Thanks!

1. Spam

1.1 No promotion of a website / product /service you own or are commercially linked with. This includes linking to the website or mentioning the website / product.

2. Etiquette / Behavior

2.1 Absolutely no bad language, personal attacks on another member, trolling, flaming or other behavior designed to upset the community.
2.2 In the interest of all members do not discuss politics or religion.
2.3 Please stay on-topic in discussions. Start new topics when you need a new question answered.
2.4 Ever asked a question on a forum, get no answer and then wonder why? Politeness pays. Our members take their time to answer questions so please make an effort to say 'please' or 'thank
2.5 Please don't share sensitive information like addresses and phone numbers in publicly viewable areas like forum posts / comments.
2.6 Please try not to post just for the sake of posting e.g. no "Sorry I don't know anything about this subject"-type posts. Try always to help or add something constructive even if it's something

3. Posting

3.1 All material posted must be in English (with rare exceptions).
3.2 Members should write in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". That is users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or colored text, no punctuation etc. Similarly
users should not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?). Finally chatspeak is NOT allowed (e.g. i wan dat, plz fone me).
3.3 Use an appropriate, descriptive title when posting a new topic . If a moderator changes your forum topic/ entry title to make it more descriptive they are helping so please don't change it back.
3.4 Do not copy content from other websites for re-display here. A very small snippet of an article followed by a link to the original article may be acceptable. The reasons to link to an article should be
informative only and not for self-promotion or commercial purposes.
3.5 One word forum posts, low-content forum posts and forum posts containing only smilies are to be kept to an absolute minimum.
3.6 Avoid posting twice or more in a row. This is referred to as double posting.
3.7 Avoid answering topics with a post containing only links to other sites. Pennsylvania Avicultural Sociery is an informative community thanks to unique content contributed by our members.
3.8 Do not flood the board with posts just to build up post count. Give others a chance to get a word in. Don't make other new members feel left out.

4. Multiple Accounts

4.1 You are not permitted to have multiple accounts.
4.2 If you are a banned member you are not permitted to re-register under a new account.

5. Images / Photos

5.1 Please resize photos to 500 pixels wide or less before posting.
5.2 Posting images that are not appropriate to the nature of the forum topic that you are posting in should be kept to a minimum e.g. funny or cute images in a topic about feeding birds. Funny
and cute images are more suited to the Village Square forum.
5.3 Add captions to your images whenever possible.
5.4 When adding a caption to an image please put it directly above or below the image, not to the left or right of the image.
5.5 Please don't directly link to images located on another websites that are not image hosting websites.

6. Private Messages

6.1 Never reveal the contents of any Private Message to anyone without the explicit permission of the original sender. This is particularly true of private messages from moderators. Doing so is a
violation of trust and will most likely lead to an official warning and the disabling of your ability to use the private messaging system.
6.2 The private messaging system is secure however never share very sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Sharing of less sensitive information should be done at your own risk also.

7. Copyright

7.1 You may not post any content (graphics, text, photos) that are not owned in copyright by you.

8. Signatures

8.1 Many forums don't allow signatures. We do, but in good faith. Don't abuse this privilege. If we think you are abusing your signature privilege it will be revoked. Our signature rules are here.

9. Final Points

9.1 Pennsylvania Avicultural Society administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove, not remove, edit, move or close any user account, forum post, or other user-generated content at any
time should they see fit. Questioning an administrator's or moderator's decision in public is not permitted. If you would like to dispute a decision then do it in a private Conversation only.
9.2 By visiting Pennsylvania Avicultural Society, you agree that all information posted is to be acted upon at your own risk and the administrators, moderators or webmaster will not be held liable for
damage, injury or losses consequent or in relation with the use of this information.
9.3 While these rules cover a lot it is impossible to imagine every possible issue that may arise. Accordingly we reserve the right to act upon unforseen issues in a manner that is best for the
community. The Pennsylvania Avicultural Society rules will be periodically updated to cover these unforseen issues.
9.4 These rules are subject to change without prior warning. If you miss a new rule you will be informed via Private Message should you break it. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back
periodically in case there are changes.

Thanks for reading and following our Usage Rules!
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